Negotiations under Article XXVIII:5 - Schedule LIX - Switzerland-Liechtenstein - Addendum

negotiations under article xxviii:5

schedule lix – switzerland-liechtenstein


The following communication, dated 6 February 2020, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of Switzerland-Liechtenstein.





With reference to the negotiations and consultations held by Switzerland in connection with its notification, circulated in documents G/SECRET/40 of 4 April 2018 and G/SECRET/40/Corr.1 of 18 May 2018, in which it notified its intent to modify its concession in respect of "Meat not further prepared than seasoned", under tariff lines HS 1602.4990 and 1602.5099 included in Schedule LIX‑Switzerland-Liechtenstein, in accordance with Article XXVIII of the GATT 1994, and pursuant to paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Guidelines on Procedures for Negotiations under Article XXVIII[1], Switzerland has the honour to submit herewith the following documents:


i)       The report entitled "Negotiations relating to LIX Schedule Switzerland-Liechtenstein", setting out the results of the negotiations with the European Union, based on the model in Annex B referred to in paragraph 5 of the Guidelines; and

ii)       The final report, entitled "Report on Negotiations under Article XXVIII", drafted along the lines of the model in Annex C referred to in paragraph 6 of the Guidelines, which must be submitted at the conclusion of all negotiations conducted under Article XXVIII:1 of the GATT.


In accordance with paragraph 8 on the Guidelines on Procedures for Negotiations under Article XVIII, Switzerland will submit a draft Schedule to incorporate the changes resulting from the above‑mentioned negotiations, pursuant to paragraph 1 of the Procedures for Modification and Rectification of Schedules of Tariff Concessions of 1980.[2] Changes to Schedule LIX are subject to the fulfilment of necessary internal requirements.

[1] Documents C/113 and C/113/Corr.1 of 10 November 1980.

[2] IBDD, S27/25, Decision of 26 March 1980.