Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade - Agenda item 4 - ISO report to the TBT Committee - Information provided by ISO
作者: ISO

Agenda item 4 – ISO report to the tbt committee


This document contains the statement made by ISO at the TBT Committee meeting of 13‑15 November 2019 under Agenda Item 4 (Updating by Observers).




1.  ISO would like to thank the WTO TBT for the opportunity to provide an update on ISO activities. First an update on the revision process for ISO/IEC Guide 59, "ISO and IEC recommended practices for standardization by national bodies". The revision process completed in August 2019 and the latest edition of the ISO/IEC Guide 59:2019 is now publicly available in both English and French on the ISO websites.

2.  Whereas the first edition of this Guide published in 1994 provided general guidance, this second edition focusses specifically on ISO and IEC recommended practices for standardization by their national bodies. It is intended to be used primarily by the national bodies of ISO and IEC. Other Standards bodies may use it, if they wish.

3.  Furthermore, in response to the needs expressed by the ISO members in developing countries, ISO has completed its publication on Good Standardization Practice (GSP). This publication is now freely available on the ISO website.

4.  The publication on GSP provides detailed information in a more comprehensive manner to support national standards bodies (NSBs) in strengthening the standardization pillar of their National quality infrastructures. The main objective is to provide guidance on operating, in an effective and efficient manner, the essential core-activities needed to develop and publish standards. It is based on the concept of a "value chain" that is often used by many organizations to optimize their strategic and operational activities. The publication includes collective, practical experience from many NSBs around the world.

5.  To complement the GSP publication, a diagnostic tool has been developed to enable NSBs to review and evaluate their current performance across the organization value chain and help identify potential gaps and solutions that are appropriate for an NSB to comply with GSP.

6.  The ISO publication on GSP and the revised ISO/IEC Guide 59:2019, are complementary in that they address similar issues and provide guidance on how to comply with their necessary requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that they should be considered together by NSBs within the ISO/IEC system to meet the rapidly changing market conditions and to contribute to the achievement of UN SDGs.

7.  Lastly, ISO has initiated the preparation of a toolkit on Standards Supporting Public Policy addressed to our members, particularly in developing countries. The toolkit aims at providing practical guidance to NSBs on how they can better contribute to an effective policy making process within the context of Good Regulatory Practices (GRP) in their countries. Particular attention will be given to the importance and possible forms of collaboration with regulators. The toolkit will provide practical examples and best practices and will include a series of common questions/answers to assist NSBs in their work of promoting the benefits and methods of using standards among policy makers. The toolkit is expected to be available in December 2020.