Committee on Agriculture - Special session - Sub-Committee on Cotton - Cotton - Background paper by the Secretariat - Addendum
作者:WTO Secretariat
文件編號:TN/AG/GEN/34/Rev.11/Add.3, TN/AG/SCC/GEN/13/Rev.11/Add.3


Background paper by the Secretariat[1]


This document contains one additional reply from Peru to the questionnaire on recent policy developments for cotton, which was circulated on 10 September 2019, and should be read in conjunction with Annex 4 of document TN/AG/GEN/34/Rev.11/Add.1 - TN/AG/SCC/GEN/13/Rev.11/Add.1, which was circulated on 11 November 2019.





Reply from Peru

I.  Market Access

Peru made no changes to its cotton‑related policies concerning market access.


II.  Domestic Support

Cotton Financing Programme


1.   Description of the Programme:


The funding programme helps enhance the competitiveness of Peruvian cotton and boosts the cotton production chain through the provision of reimbursable loans to eligible small cotton producers forming part of producer organizations in the Pisco, Ica, Chincha, Cañete and Santa valleys.


2.   Objective:


Provision of loans to finance cotton farming for the purchase of inputs (seed, fertilizers and agrochemicals), machinery, labour, administrative costs and technical assistance.


3.   Beneficiaries:


Small cotton producers in the Pisco, Ica, Chincha Cañete and Santa valleys, through producer organizations (formally established cooperatives and/or associations), which, in addition, provide services relating to business management and technical assistance.


[1] This document has been prepared under the Secretariat's own responsibility and is without prejudice to the positions of Members or to their rights and obligations under the WTO. It has been prepared for information only and is not intended to provide any authoritative or official legal interpretation of the provisions of the WTO Agreements in general or in relation to any measure listed in this document.