Council for Trade in Goods - Working Party on State Trading Enterprises - State trading - Notification of Viet Nam in response to the United States' counter-notification of Viet Nam's state trading enterprises pursuant to paragraph 4 of the Understanding of the Interpretations of Article XVII - United States replies to Viet Nam's responses' to United States counter-notification on state trading enterprises
作者:United States
文件編號:G/C/W/760, G/STR/Q1/VNM/6

state trading

notification of viet nam in response to the United States' Counter-Notification
of Viet Nam's State Trading Enterprises Pursuant to Paragraph 4 of the
Understanding on the Interpretation of Article XVII

UNITEd STATES Replies to Viet Nam's Responses[1] to UNITED STATES Counter‑Notification[2] on State Trading Enterprises

The following communication, dated 8 October 2018, is being circulated at the request of the Delegation of the United States.