Negotiating Group on Market Access - Report by the Chairman, Ambassador Didier Chambovey, to the Trade Negotiations Committee - Meeting of 14 July 2018
作者:Negotiating Group on Market Access

negotiating group on market access

report by the Chairman, Ambassador Didier Chambovey,
to the trade negotiations committee

Meeting of 24 July 2018

1. My last report to the TNC was made on 7 May 2018.  The report was subsequently circulated in document TN/MA/32

2. It will not come as a surprise to anyone when I report that since that date the situation remains unchanged. There has been no movement in the Negotiating Group.  In fact, neither has the Negotiating Group met nor have I held any consultations this year for the simple reason that no paper or proposal has been presented to the Negotiating Group on Market Access since the start of the year.


3. You will recall that there was one proposal concerning Transparency in Regulatory Measures for trade in goods which was submitted in 2017. I did not pursue consultations on this proposal because the proponents themselves had advised me early this year of their intention to pursue this proposal in other fora.


4. The current state of affairs is not satisfactory but neither is it entirely unexpected given the broader contextual situation.   In the event that written contributions are made in NAMA, I would be more than happy to convene a meeting of the Negotiating Group in order to discuss them. 


5. With that I conclude my report. Thank you Mr. Chairman.