Committee on Import Licensing - Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures - Notification under article 1.4(a) and/or 8.2(b) of the Agreement - European Union
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Notification under Article 1.4(a)[i] and/or 8.2(b)[ii] of the Agreement

European Union

The following notification, dated 8 June 2018, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of the European Union.


1.         Notification under Article 1.4(a) [X];  Article 8.2(b) [X] (If the notification is made under both Articles please mark both with an X)

2.         Source(s) where the Import Licensing Procedure(s) has(ve) been published (Official Gazette, publication, website, etc.):

Official Journal of the European Union, L 106, 26.04.2018, page 8

3.         Date of publication:i  26.04.2018

Effective date of requirement:  12.05.2018

4.         Copy(ies) of publication (in case of Art. 1.4(a))[iii]  and/or legislation (in case of Art. 8.2(b))[iv] is(are) available for consultation by Members:

[] at the WTO Secretariat (Market Access Division) (In this case please attach copies of the publication and/or legislation, if possible in electronic format:  Microsoft Word or compatible software)


[X] by request at the following address and fax numbers, and/or e‑mail and website:

5.            In the case that they are not in one of the three WTO official languages, (English, French or Spanish) a SUMMARY of the publication (in case of Art. 1.4(a)) and/or the legislation (in case of Art. 8.2(b)):iv


6.         Other pertinent data or information (i.e. title of the proposed or adopted law/regulation establishing the Import Licensing Procedure):

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2018/640 of 25 April 2018 introducing prior Union surveillance of imports of certain aluminium products originating in certain third countries.





[i] "[...] Publication shall take place, whenever practicable, 21 days prior to the effective date of the requirement but in all events not later than such effective date.  Any exception, derogations or changes in or from the rules concerning licensing procedures or the list of products subject to import licensing shall also be published in the same manner and within the same time‑periods as specified above."  See Article 1.4(a) of the Agreement.

[ii] "Each Member shall inform the Committee of any changes in its laws and regulations relevant to this Agreement and in the administration of such laws and regulations."

[iii] "The rules and all information concerning procedures for the submission of applications, including the eligibility of persons, firms and institutions to make such applications, the administrative body(ies) to be approached, and the lists of products subject to the licensing requirement shall be published, in the sources notified to the Committee on Import Licensing [...] Copies of these publications shall also be made available to the Secretariat."  See Art. 1.4(a) of the Agreement and document G/LIC/3 "Procedures for Notification and Review under the Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures".

[iv] See document G/LIC/3 "Procedures for Notification and Review under the Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures".