Committee on Government Procurement - Notification of national implementing legislation - Communication from Japan pursuant to article XXII:5 of the revised GPA - Addendum


Communication from Japan Pursuant to Article XXIV:5(b)[1] of the GPA (1994)



The following communication, dated 28 March 2018, is being circulated at the request of the Delegation of Japan.




Pursuant to Article XXIV, paragraph 5(b) of the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement, done at Marrakesh on 15 April 1994 and Article XXII, paragraph 5 of the Revised Agreement on Government Procurement, done at Geneva on 30 March 2012, the Government of Japan wishes to inform the Committee on Government Procurement of the following.[3]



Notification of the revision to the "Basic Policy for Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services" (hereinafter
referred to as "Basic Policy") under the "Act on Promotion of
Procurement of Eco Friendly Goods and Services by
the State and Other Entities" (hereinafter
referred to as "Act")

1.  Competent authority:

Ministry of the Environment


2.  Description of the revision of the Basic Policy:

The original Basic Policy was adopted by the cabinet decision in February 2001 based on the Act which went into effect in January 2001. In February 2018, concerning designated procurement items under the Basic Policy, the addition of 3 items, the deletion of 2 items and the revision of the evaluation criteria for 55 items were adopted by the cabinet decision.


The text of the revised Basic Policy is available at the website of the Ministry of the Environment below: (in Japanese); (in English).


3.  Starting date of procurement based on the revised Basic Policy:

1 April 2018


4.  Contact information:

Environment and Economy Division

Minister's Secretariat

Ministry of the Environment

Telephone:      +81-3-5521-8229

Fax:                 +81-3-3580-9568



[1] Article XXIV:5(b) of the GPA 1994 reads as follows: National Legislation "(b) Each Party shall inform the Committee of any changes in its laws and regulations relevant to this Agreement and in the administration of such laws and regulations."

[2] Article XXII:5 of the Revised GPA reads as follows : Domestic legislation "Each Party shall inform the Committee of any changes to its laws and regulations relevant to this Agreement and in the administration of such laws and regulations."

[3] Previous notifications of Japan's implementing legislation were made in GPA/37, dated 20 June 2000; GPA/67, dated 15 April 2002; GPA/37/Add.1, dated 7 April 2004, GPA/37/Add.2, dated 21 March 2005; GPA/37/Add.3, dated 15 March 2006; GPA/37/Add.4, dated 13 March 2007; GPA/37/Add.5, dated 1 April 2008; GPA/99, dated 2 June 2009; GPA/99/Add.1, dated 23 July 2009; GPA/37/Add.6, dated 23 July 2009; GPA/99/Add.2, dated 31 May 2010; GPA/37/Add.7, dated 6 July 2010; GPA/37/Add.8, dated 13 April 2011; GPA/37/Add.9, dated 16 April 2012; GPA/99/Add.3, dated 10 April 2013; GPA/37/Add.10, dated 10 April 2013; GPA/99/Add.4, dated 15 April 2014; GPA/37/Add.11, dated 15 April 2014; GPA/37/Add.12, dated 9 April 2015; GPA/37/Add.13, dated 14 July 2016; GPA/99/Add.5, dated 3 April 2017; GPA/37/Add.14, dated 3 April 2017; and GPA/99/Add.6, dated 3 April 2018.