Negotiating Group on Market Access - Report by the Chairman, Amnassador Didier Chambovey, to the Trade Negotiations Committee - meeting of 28 November 2017
作者:Negotiating Group on Market Access

negotiating group on market access

report by the Chairman, Ambassador Didier Chambovey,
to the trade negotiations committee

Meeting of 28 November 2017

1.      This report summarizes the work done by the Negotiating Group on Market Access since the Tenth Session of the Ministerial Conference (MC10) which took place in Nairobi in December 2015. 

2.      During the intervening period since December 2015, the Negotiating Group has met formally twice: on 20 October 2016 (TN/MA/M/25) and 21 July 2017 (TN/MA/M/26), and informally three times (11 April 2016, 25 November 2016 and 1 November 2017).   Several bilateral consultations were held by my predecessor, Ambassador Winzap, during the first half of 2016 and by me upon my election as Chairman on 20 October 2016.  Ambassador Winzap had also convened a meeting of Heads of Delegation on 11 July 2016 to provide a few farewell remarks (JOB/MA/124).  Several reports on consultations which were carried out were provided to the Negotiating Group, Heads of Delegation and/or to the Trade Negotiations Committee. These reports can be found in the following documents (in chronological order): TN/MA/29 dated 11 April 2016, TN/MA/30 dated 10 May 2016, JOB/TN/MA/1 dated 29 November 2016, JOB/TN/MA/2 dated 5 December 2016, JOB/TN/MA/3 dated 13 June 2017, JOB/TN/MA/4 dated 27 July 2017 and JOB/TN/MA/6 dated 30 October 2017.