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Committee on Trade and Environment - Special session - Report by the Chairperson, Ambassador Syed Tauqir Shah
作者:Committee on Trade and Environment


REPORT BY THE CHAIRPERSON, Ambassador Syed Tauqir Shah


1.  Since the last formal TNC meeting in July and following-up on my consultations in May, I held, on 3rd October an informal, factual information session regarding past work in the CTESS. The WTO Secretariat presented a factual overview of the discussions that have taken place so far in the CTESS on all three items of paragraph 31 of the Doha Ministerial Declaration. This provided an opportunity for delegations to seek clarification and share their thoughts. I believe the information session was appreciated by most delegations that took the floor and was seen as a good occasion to refresh their collective memory about the considerable amount of work done by the CTESS over the years.

2.  Moreover, several delegations reiterated the importance of environmental issues and of discussing trade and environment issues in the WTO and renewed their interest in this subject matter. It was also made clear by several delegations that environment should feature in any ministerial declaration or text that might emerge from Buenos Aires. That said, at this stage, no new proposals have been submitted.

3.  To conclude, I would like to encourage delegations to continue to keep in mind the importance of environmental issues as they intensify their discussions towards an outcome in Buenos Aires. I remain ready to play my part in these discussions and to assist delegations in any way I can.