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Dispute Settlement Body - Annual report (2017)
作者:Dispute Settlement Body


Annual Report (2017)

The Report was prepared pursuant to the Procedures for an Annual Overview of WTO Activities and for Reporting under the WTO (WT/L/105), and sets out the actions taken by the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) in the period since its previous Annual Report.[1]


In carrying out its tasks, the DSB held 16 meetings since the period covered by the previous Report. The minutes of these meetings, which remain the record of the DSB's work, are contained in documents WT/DSB/M/388 – WT/DSB/M/403[2] and should be read in conjunction with this Report.


The following matters are included in this Report:

Table of Contents

1   Election of Chairperson.. 2

2   Appointment of Appellate Body Members. 2

3   Indicative List of Governmental and Non-governmental Panelists. 6

4   adoption of the 2017 draft Annual Report of the DSB. 6

5   Establishment of Panels and Requests for Establishment of Panels. 6

6   Adoption of Appellate Body/Panel Reports. 9

7   Statements of Intentions in Respect of Implementation Pursuant to Article 21.3 of the DSU.. 10

8   Status Reports on Progress in the Implementation of the Recommendations Adopted by the DSB. 10

9   Matters Raised by Members Pursuant to Article 21.6 of the DSU (Surveillance and Implementation). 11

10   Recourse to Article 21.5 of the DSU (Compliance Panel). 12

11   Recourse to Article 22 of the DSU (Compensation and Suspension of Concessions)  13

12   Other Matters. 13

13   Conclusion.. 14


[1] WT/DSB/71.

[2] This report includes activities that took place during meetings of the DSB from 8 November 2016 through 23 October 2017.