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Committee on Specific Commitments - Annual report of the Committee on Specific Commitments to the Council for Trade in Services (2014)
作者:Committee on Specific Commitments




Since its Annual Report of 2013 to the Council for Trade in Services[1], the Committee on Specific Commitments (CSC) held four formal meetings, respectively on 29 October 2013, 25 February 2014, 7 May 2014, and 18 September 2014.[2] During the period covered by this report, the Committee addressed two items: classification issues and scheduling issues.

1  classification issues

1.1.  During the reporting period, the Committee examined classification issues relevant to education, health, tourism and recreational services. As in the previous two years, in order to facilitate exchange of view, discussions were carried out in informal mode, and an informal, non-attributable summary of the discussion was circulated to Members after each meeting under the Chairperson's responsibility. To stimulate discussions, for each sector under examination, the Secretariat prepared an informal Note providing an overview of relevant classification issues and suggesting specific questions for Members' consideration.[3]

1.2.  Thus, the Committee concluded the sectoral examination of classification issues, an exercise that had started in late 2011 and was focused on the challenges facing the GATS classification system (W/120 + CPC Provisional) as a result of dramatic technological and commercial developments over the past two decades. Upon the request of the Committee, the Secretariat compiled the 40 relevant documents produced in the exercise and was circulated to Members on 14 March 2014.[4]

1.3.  Building upon the sectoral discussion on classification issues, the Committee started to consider the issue of "new services" at the meeting on 18 September 2014. As a starting point, upon the request of the Committee, the Secretariat prepared an illustrative list of services identified in previous discussions as not being explicitly referred to in document W/120.[5] The Secretariat Note also provides a brief background on the issue of "new services" and suggests a number of general questions for consideration. Divergent views were expressed at the meeting on a number of issues such as: whether there existed "new services", whether a definition of "new services" was needed, and the implications of "new services" for existing commitments. It was agreed that the Chairman of the Committee would hold consultations on how to proceed with further discussions on the issue of "new services".

1.4.  At the meeting on 29 October 2013, the delegation of Brazil made a presentation regarding SISCOSERV, an online system developed by Brazil's Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade (MDIC), which kept track of services transactions between residents and non-residents. It consisted of a statistical database aimed to guide policy making and evaluation of services trade as well as a services classification system.

2  scheduling issues

2.1.  There was no substantive discussion under this item during the reporting period.



[1] S/CSC/19, dated 29 October 2013.

[2] The reports of the formal meetings are contained in documents S/CSC/M/68-71, and should be read in conjunction with this report.

[3] The relevant Secretariat Notes are contained in documents JOB/SERV/158-160.

[4] The compilation is contained in document JOB/SERV/180.

[5] The illustrative list is contained in document JOB/SERV/189.