Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures - Subsidies - Replies to questions from Australia regarding the new and full notification of India


replies to Questions[1] from australia Regarding the
New and Full Notification of INDIA[2]

The following communication, dated 24 October 2014, is being circulated at the request of the Delegation of India.





Marine Fisheries Infrastructure Subsidies


India indicates that these are a centrally sponsored schemes providing port infrastructure to state governments. India has previously indicated that these programs are implemented via state governments and other agencies on the basis of project proposals.


Question 1


·        Could India clarify the types of infrastructure that is provided through the investment grants; for example, does it extend to providing fisheries processing facilities?



This is a Central Government scheme, which is implemented through the concerned State Governments and Union Territories (UTs). The scheme is largely intended to improve socio- economic conditions of the marine fishing community. The scheme is for creation of infrastructure facilities for safe landing and berthing of fishing vessels lying along country’s coastline, processing and preservation of quality fish, thereby reducing post-harvest losses and ensuring food safety.


Page 30, Sea Freight Assistance for export of specified value added products


Australia understands that the rate of assistance provided to India’s exporters varies by its port of destination and value of the export.


Question 2


·        Could India therefore confirm that subsidies under this program increase with the volume of export and are dependent on the level of value added?



The Sea Freight Assistance Scheme is not linked to the volume of exports. Assistance under the scheme is linked to export of specified value added product to specified market.


Question 3


·        Could India clarify whether there is a condition for receipt of sea freight assistance which prohibits the trade from marketing imported fish products?



Assistance under the scheme is given for products that are produced in the processing plants in India.



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[2] G/SCM/N/253/IND.