Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade - Coherent use of notification formats - Recommendation - Adopted at the meeting of 18 - 19 June 2014
作者:Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade


coherent use of notification formats


Adopted at the meeting of 18-19 June 2014




The Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade makes the following recommendation to enhance the coherent use of the notification formats:



New Notification

Members should use a new notification[1] to notify the draft text of a proposed technical regulation or conformity assessment procedure (hereafter referred to as the "notified measure"). If the notified measure is associated with a previously notified measure (e.g. amending or supplementing an adopted measure, or replacing a withdrawn or revoked measure)[2], the symbol(s) of the associated notified measure(s) should be indicated in Box 8 of the new notification.


Members should use an addendum to notify additional information related to a notification or the text of a notified measure, including if:

·                The comment period has been changed (e.g. extended or re-opened);

·                The notified measure is adopted, published, or enters into force, especially in cases where relevant dates have not been provided in the original notification or have been changed. Members are encouraged to indicate how the final text of the measure can be obtained, including website address;

·                The notified measure is withdrawn or revoked. If replaced with a new measure, where possible, the symbol of the corresponding new notification should be indicated;

·                The content or scope of a notified measure is partially changed or amended. In this case, Members should consider opening a new comment period;

·                Interpretive guidance is issued; and

·                Any other useful and relevant additional information directly related to a notification or notified measure has been made available that does not qualify as a corrigenda, revision or supplement.


Members should use a corrigendum to correct minor administrative or clerical errors (which do not entail any changes to the meaning of the content) in:

·                a notification or subsequent related addendum or revision; and

·                the text of the notified measure.


Members should use a revision to indicate that the notified measure has been substantially re-drafted prior to adoption or entry into force. A revision replaces the original notification. A revision should normally open a new comment period.


Members should use a supplement to notify the availability of unofficial translations of notified measures.[4]



[1] A "notification" refers to the official WTO document which is part of document series "G/TBT/N/[three digit country code]/#".

[2] Note: The WTO Secretariat is exploring the feasibility of an IT solution whereby searches on relevant WTO databases (e.g. TBT IMS, I-TIP) would automatically retrieve associated notifications (so as not to lose the thread through the life-cycle of the measure).

[3] Note: The option of a new addenda format with a list of tick boxes could be annexed to this recommendation.

[4] In 2007 the TBT Committee agreed (G/TBT/M/43, Section II.C.3, 21 January 2008) that Members should use the formats for unofficial translations contained in G/TBT/1/Rev.11, Annex 5 – Unofficial Translations. Further information is contained in G/TBT/GEN/66.