Committee on Import Licensing - Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures - Notification under article 5. 1 - 5.4 of the Agreement - Mexico




The following notification, dated 4 April 2014, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of Mexico.


1.         (a)       Title/number/date of the law or regulation establishing/changing the import licensing procedure:

Amendment to the Agreement under which the Ministry of the Economy issues general rules and criteria in respect of foreign trade, published on 5 December 2013 in the Official Journal of the Federation

(b)       If the notified measure refers to a change in an already notified import licensing procedure, please indicate the document symbol of the notification to which change(s) has(ve) been introduced. (In this case please also indicate in Section 3, below, the nature of the changes (i.e. inclusion or exclusion of some goods and a list thereof; contact point for information and/or administrative body(ies) for submission of applications, etc.)):

Not applicable.

2.         Information concerning the institution/change of import licensing procedure:

(a)       List of products subject to the licensing procedure (Exact name of the products and/or whenever possible HS code and indication of the exact HS Nomenclature (i.e. 1996, 2002 or 2007). Abbreviations should be avoided. In the case of a long list of products, please attach the list as an Annex in Microsoft Word or compatible software. Please do not use PDF or photocopies.)

Attached* is a file containing the full document, including the list of certain steel products falling under Chapters 72 and 73 of the HS 2012 that are subject to the automatic import notification system.

(b)       Contact point for information on eligibility

Secretaría de Economía (Ministry of the Economy)

Dirección General de Comercio Exterior (Directorate-General of Foreign Trade)

Address: Insurgentes Sur No. 1940, Penthouse

Telephone: +52 55 52 29 65 99

Email address:



Contact officer: [ ] Mr [X] Mrs Name: Luz María Ortega Acosta: Director, Foreign Trade Instruments


(c)       Administrative body(ies) for submission of applications (If more than one please include the same information for each body.)

Ventanilla Digital Mexicana de Comercio Exterior (Mexican Digital Window for Foreign Trade)


Ministry of the Economy

Public services counter of the federal office corresponding to the domicile of the production facility.



(d)       Date and name of publication where licensing procedures are published:

Date of publication: 5 December 2013

Source of publication (Official Gazette/journal/website):

Amendment to the Agreement under which the Ministry of the Economy issues general rules and criteria in respect of foreign trade, published in the Official Journal of the Federation:

(e)       Indication of whether the licensing procedure is

[X]      automatic. If so please indicate: (f) the administrative purpose: A mechanism needs to be developed to obtain, through the monitoring of related trade statistics, better information on imports of certain steel products.

[ ]        non-automatic. If so please indicate: (g) the measure being implemented through the import licensing procedure:

(h)      Expected duration of the licensing procedure if this can be estimated with some probability, and if not, reason why this information cannot be provided

Three working days from the day following the filing of the application.

3.         Other relevant data or information: (i.e. complete title and data concerning the legislation, inclusion or exclusion of certain products from the import licensing regime and list thereof; changes related to the administrative body(ies) for submission of applications, etc.)

Not applicable.


* Available for consultation in the Market Access Division (original language only).

[i] "Members which institute licensing procedures or changes in these procedures shall notify the Committee of such within 60 days of publication [...]" (Art. 5.1).