Committee on Import Licensing - Replies to questionnaire on import licensing procedure - Notification under article 7.3 of the Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures - Russian federation
作者:Russian Federation

1  ozone depleting substances Outline of system

1.  The Russian Federation manages its obligations for ozone depleting substances controlled by the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer through the Common List of Goods that are subject of import/export prohibitions or restrictions from the part of CU members within the framework of Eurasian Economic Community in trade with third countries (2012) (Annex 2.1). The import, export and manufacture of the ozone depleting substances is prohibited under the Montreal Protocol except where an essential or critical use exemption has been granted by the parties to the Montreal Protocol. The Russian Federation’s Montreal Protocol obligations are implemented through a system of licensing and quota restrictions on ozone depleting substances.

Purpose and coverage of licensing

2.  The requirements of the licensing system are:

-        import or export of ozone depleting substances, with import quotas set in line with Montreal Protocol obligations;

-       Pre-charged equipment containing ozone depleting substances.


Strict conditions and reporting requirements apply in relation to all licenses issued.