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Trade Policy Review Body - 3 and 5 march 2014 - Trade policy review - Malaysia - Minutes of the meeting - Addendum


What are the most significant changes expected in the automotive industry from the new guidelines for the sector presented in January, considering that a reduction in tariffs in the segment of the most efficient vehicles will mean lower costs and expanding the supply of units for sale?


The question posed does not fall under the period for review. Nevertheless, the National Automotive Policy (NAP) 2014 has been introduced to promote a more competitive and sustainable automotive industry particularly in making Malaysia the regional automotive hub for Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV). Key directions and strategies outlined under NAP 2014 are expected to address and resolve structural issues affecting the industry as well as to enable the industry to meet global quality, cost and delivery requirements.

The tariff reduction given to manufacturers/assemblers of CKD hybrid and electric vehicles will boost sales of these fuel-efficient and environment-friendly vehicles in the Malaysian market.

One of the topics of greatest interest to Argentina in the bilateral economic relationship is the Malaysian protocol by which the income of Argentina beef to Malaysia for failing to prevent exclusive establishments using to slaughter the process that results in the range "halal". In this regard : What are the chances that a refrigerator where part of his job is carried out under processing "halal" without being an establishment exclusively enabled to that effect has been authorized to export meat to Malaysia?