Committee on Market Access - Notification pursuant to the decision on notification procedures for quantitative restrictions (G/L/59/Rev.1) - Canada
World Trade Organization G/MA/QR/N/CAN/1 3 December 2012 (12-6636) Committee on Market Access Original: English NOTIFICATION PURSUANT TO THE DECISION ON NOTIFICATION PROCEDURES FOR QUANTITATIVE RESTRICTIONS (G/L/59/Rev.1) CANADA The following communication, dated 29 November 2012, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of Canada. A. Notifying Member: CANADA B. Date of notification: 07/11/2012 C. First time notification: Yes No, last notification was made in (doc. symbol): D. Type of notification: 1. Complete (i.e. notification of all quantitative restrictions in force) 2. Changes to a notification previously made in (doc. symbol) which are of the following nature: 2.1 Introduction of new restrictions, as listed in Section 1. 2.2 Elimination of restrictions, as described in G below. 2.3 Modification of a previously notified restriction, as described in Section 1. 3. Reverse notification of restrictions ma