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Dispute Settlement Body - Annual report (2012) - Overview of the state of play of WTO disputes - Addendum
作者:Dispute Settlement Body
World Trade Organization WT/DSB/58/Add.1 30 November 2012 (12-6604) DISPUTE SETTLEMENT BODY Annual Report (2012) Overview of the State of Play of WTO Disputes Addendum The attached overview, which reflects the state of play of WTO disputes during the period from 1 January 1995 to 31 October 2012, has been prepared by the Secretariat on its own responsibility. Section I summarizes the developments from the initial requests for consultations until the establishment of panels, including the cases where mutually agreed solutions were found. Section II deals with the stages covering the establishment of panels, circulation of panel and Appellate Body reports, appeals and adoption of reports. Section III covers the stage dealing with the monitoring of the implementation of the DSB's recommendations.  Finally, Section IV covers recourse to Articles 21.5 and 22 of the DSU. TABLE OF CONTE