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Trade in Services - Russian Federation - Schedule of specific commitments
作者:Russian Federation
World Trade Organization GATS/SC/149 5 November 2012 (12-6085) Trade in Services russian federation Schedule of Specific Commitments (This is authentic in English only) _______________ Modes of supply: (1) Cross-border supply (2) Consumption abroad (3) Commercial presence (4) Presence of natural persons Sectors and sub-sectors Limitations on Market Access Limitations on National Treatment Additional commitments I. HORIZONTAL COMMITMENTS In the present Schedule of Specific Commitments (hereinafter "the Schedule"): - Asterisk (*) designates "part of"; - CPC numbers indicated in the brackets with regard to sectors/sub-sectors of services are references to the UN Provisional Central Product Classification of the UN (Statistical Papers Series M No. 77, Provisional Central Product Classification, Department of International Economics and Social Affairs, Statistical Office of the United Nations, New York, 1991). The (**) indicates that th