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Trade in Services - Vanuatu - Schedule of specific commitments
World Trade Organization GATS/SC/148 5 November 2012 (12-6059) Trade in Services Vanuatu Schedule of Specific Commitments (This is authentic in English only) _______________ Modes of Supply: (1) Cross-border Supply (2) Consumption abroad (3) Commercial Presence (4) Presence of Natural Persons Sector Limitations of Market Access Limitations on National Treatment Additional commitments I. HORIZONTAL COMMITMENTS All sectors included in this schedule (3) Government approval is required for all foreign investors under Foreign Investment Act No. 15 of 1998 and its Amendments in effect as of the date of accession. The decision is made on objective published criteria. (4) Unbound except for measures affecting the entry and temporary stay of natural persons with managerial and technical skills which are in short supply in Vanuatu or fall within the following categories: i. business managers ii. intracorporate transferees (Managers, e