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Trade in Services - Russian Federation - Final list of article II (MFN) exemptions
作者:Russian Federation
World Trade Organization GATS/EL/149 5 November 2012 (12-6054) Trade in Services russian federation Final List of Article II (MFN) Exemptions (This is authentic in English only) _______________ RUSSIAN FEDERATION - LIST OF ARTICLE II (MFN) EXEMPTIONS Sectors or sub-sectors Description of measure indicating its inconsistency with Article II Country or countries to which the measure applies Intended duration Conditions creating the need for the MFN exemption All sectors. Measures concerning investment activity and available protection. All parties to existing and future respective agreements which may be concluded. Indefinite. The measures are aimed at forming a legal framework for mutual protection and investment promotion. All sectors/presence of natural persons. Measures based on existing and future agreements with the objective of providing for the movement of natural persons supplying services. Parties to the Partnership and Cooperation