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Trade in Services - Vanuatu - Final list of article II (MFN) exemptions
World Trade Organization GATS/EL/148 5 November 2012 (12-6058) Trade in Services vanuatu Final List of Article II (MFN) Exemptions (This is authentic in English only) _______________ VANUATU - LIST OF ARTICLE II (MFN) EXEMPTIONS Sector or SubSector Description of measure indicating its inconsistency with Article II Countries to which the measure applies Intended Duration Conditions creating the need for the exemption All sectors Citizens and permanent residents of Melanesian Spearhead Group Countries may be granted a waiver from the normal investment and right of temporary sojourn obligations of Vanuatu law. Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji and New Caledonia Indefinite To facilitate the regional economic integration of the Melanesian states. __________ GATS/EL/148 Page 1 GATS/EL/148 Page 1 . /. GATS/EL/148 Page 2 GATS/EL/148 Page 1