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Committee of Participants on the Expansion of Trade in Information Technology Products - Survey on EMC/EMI - Replies to the Survey - Communication from Switzerland - Revision


survey on emc/emi


Revised Replies to the Survey


Communication from Switzerland





        The following communication, dated 30 May 2012, has been received from the Permanent Mission of Switzerland.






1.         (a)        Does your Government have mandatory technical requirements for electromagnetic interference of Information Technology equipment?  If so, please identify.

            Yes.  The electromagnetic disturbance generated by Information Technology equipment shall not exceed the level above which radio and telecommunications equipment or other equipment cannot operate as intended.

            (b)        Are these requirements harmonized with CISPR 22?  If not, please explain the current requirements.

            Yes.  The compliance with the SN EN55022 (emission), and where applicable SN EN61000-3-2 and SN EN61000-3-3 raises a presumption of conformity with the technical requirements on electromagnetic interference.  SN EN55022 is harmonized with CISPR 22.