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Trade in Services - Montenegro - Final list of article II (MFN) exemptions
World Trade Organization GATS/EL/146 5 June 2012 (12-2950) Trade in Services montenegro Final List of Article II (MFN) Exemptions (This is authentic in English only) _______________ LIST OF ARTICLE II MFN EXEMPTIONS OF THE REPUBLIC OF MONTENEGRO Sector or sub-sector Description of measure indicating its inconsistency with Article II Countries to which the measure applies Intended duration Conditions creating the need for the exemption Legal services Apart from consultancy services, other legal services provided by advocates, i.e. attorneys who are members of the Montenegrin Bar Association and registered in the Association's Register may be provided subject to reciprocity. All countries. Indefinite. Reciprocal coordination of the legal profession within the overall regional development of judicial and administrative institutions. Audiovisual services - Production and distribution of audiovisual works through broadcasting or other form