Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices - Minutes of the regular meeting held on 24 - 25 October 2011 - Corrigendum
作者:Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/ADP/M/41/Corr.1 3 May 2012 (12-2361) Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING HELD ON 24 - 25 October 2011 Chair: Mr. Subhas Gujadhur (Mauritius) Corrigendum In paragraphs 17 and 22 of the original document, the period for review under the heading Semi-Annual Reports of Anti-Dumping Actions (Article 16.4), should be amended to read the first half of 2011, rather than the second half of 2010. ___________