Committee on Government Procurement - Report (2011) of the Committee on Government Procurement - Corrigendum
作者:Committee on Government Procurement
World Trade Organization GPA/110/Corr.1 19 January 2012 (12-0350) Committee on Government Procurement REPORT (2011) OF THE COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT Corrigendum Due to a technical error, please note that the first indent of paragraph 32 on page 10 of document GPA/110, dated 16 November 2011, should be replaced by the following text: "- the tabling of further offers and revised offers by a number of Parties, including (in the period from the circulation of the Committee's last report through September 2011) the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Chinese Taipei and, in the run-up to the October informal sessions, Hong Kong, China and the Netherlands with respect to Aruba (all offers are cited in the order in which they were provided); and". __________