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Trade Policy Review Body - 25 November 2011 - Fourth appraisal of the trade policy review mechanism - Report on the meeting
作者:Trade Policy Review Body
World Trade Organization WT/TPR/R/5 9 December 2011 (11-6382) Trade Policy Review Body 25 November 2011 Original: English FOURTH APPRAISAL OF THE trade policy review MECHANISM Report on the Meeting Chairperson: H.E. Mr. Mario Matus (Chile) The Chairperson announced his intention to begin the Fourth Appraisal of the operation of the TPRM at the TPRB meeting on 3 April 2011. Informal meetings of the TPRB were held between July and November 2011 to discuss successive drafts of the appraisal document and proposals by Members, including two communications from China (JOB/TPR/1 and JOB/TPR/2). On 25 November 2011, the Trade Policy Review Body met to adopt the Fourth Appraisal of the Operation of the Trade Policy Review Mechanism (WT/TPR/W/44). During that meeting, China indicated that it would submit a statement for inclusion in the record of the meeting (Annex). The Chairperson noted that, in accordance with this Fourth Appraisal, some revisions