Committee on Customs Valuation - Information on implementation and administration of the Agreement on Customs Valuation - Check list of issues - Ecuador
World Trade Organization G/VAL/N/2/ECU/1 1 November 2011 (115513) Committee on Customs Valuation Original: Spanish INFORMATION ON IMPLEMENTATION AND ADMINISTRATION OF THE AGREEMENT ON CUSTOMS VALUATION CheckList of Issues ECUADOR The following communication, dated 27 October 2011, has been received from the Permanent Mission of Ecuador. _______________ 1. Questions concerning Article 1: (a) Sales between related persons: (i) Are sales between related persons subject to special provisions? No. (ii) Is the fact of intercompany prices prima facie considered as grounds for regarding the respective prices as being influenced? No. (iii) What is the provision for giving the communication of the aforementioned grounds in writing if the importer so requests? (Article 1.2(a)) See Articles 13 and 14 of the Andean Community Regulation implementing Decision No. 571 on Customs Valuation of Imported Goods annexed to Resolution No