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Committee on Specific Commitments - Annual report of the Committee on Specific Commitments to the Council for Trade in Services (2011)
作者:Committee on Specific Commitments
World Trade Organization S/CSC/17 4 November 2011 (11-5618) ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON SPECIFIC COMMITMENTS TO THE COUNCIL FOR TRADE IN SERVICES (2011) Since its Annual Report of 2010 to the Council for Trade in Services, the Committee on Specific Commitments has held five formal meetings: on 16 November 2010, 10 March 2011, 11 May 2011, 23 June 2011, and 29 September 2011. During the reporting period, the Committee addressed three items: classification issues; scheduling issues; and the relationship between old and new commitments. i. classification issues Delegations engaged in informal discussions on classification issues, based on the Secretariat's sectoral Background Notes. Four sectors were examined during the reporting period: computer and related services; telecommunication services; audiovisual services; and environmental services. To facilitate the discussions, for each sector under examination, the Secretariat prepared an inform