Working Party on State Trading Enterprises - State Trading - Replies to Follow-Up Questions Posed by Australia Concerning the Notification of Japan
World Trade Organization G/STR/Q1/JPN/14 16 November 2010 (10-6115) Working Party on State Trading Enterprises Original: English state trading Replies to Follow-up Questions Posed by AUSTRALIA Concerning the Notification of JAPAN The following communication, dated 2 November 2010, is being circulated at the request of the Delegation of Australia. _______________ Follow-up Question 1 Could Japan explain what was meant by levy in its response regarding the revenue collected by ALIC? Reply It is stipulated in the Sugar and Starch Price Adjustment Law that any importer who imports designated sugar need to bear the levy, which is collected by ALIC. Follow-up Question 2 Could Japan explain how it reconciles that levy or those charges with its goods schedule which binds the ODC at zero for sugar. Reply The revenue (levy) collected by ALIC is a part of "the sum of tariff and levy" that has been bound in Japan's Sc