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Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights - Review of Legislation - Suriname - Addendum
World Trade Organization IP/Q/SUR/1/Add.1 IP/Q2/SUR/1/Add.1 IP/Q3/SUR/1/Add.1 IP/Q4/SUR/1/Add.1 11 October 2010 (10-5196) Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Original: English review of legislation SURINAME Addendum The present document reproduces responses supplied by means of a communication dated 3 September 2010 from the delegation of Suriname to the followup questions put to it by the EC and Switzerland in the context of the review of Suriname's legislation initiated at the Council's meeting of 2-5 April 2001. _______________ responses to follow-up questions posed by the EC Follow-up to Question 14 Please clarify the reference to Article 6 quinquies of the Paris Convention. Please provide, if existing, an example of a trademark that has been refused on the basis of a conflicting geographical indication. Please explain where in Suriname's law the definition of Article 22.1 of the TRIPS Agreement