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Trade Policy Review - Malawi - Tariff Simplification and Trade Facilitation Would Promote Economic Efficiency
PRESS RELEASE PRESS/TPRB/331 11 June 2010 (10-3215) trade policy review: malawi Tariff simplification and trade facilitation would promote economic efficiency Since the last review in 2002, Malawi has made progress in reforming its trade policy regime in the areas of customs procedures, competition policy, government procurement, and privatization of some state-owned enterprises, according to a WTO Secretariat review on the trade policies and practices of Malawi. The report highlights the need for a reform and simplification of the complex tariff structure together with its exemption schemes, something that would promote economic efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and possibly raise more tariff revenues. It also stresses the vital role of trade facilitation measures to help reduce Malawi ’ s high cost of transport. Members of Trade Policy Review Body (TRRB) appreciated that Malawi has remained on the path of reform and has not retreated from its open policy stanc