Committee on Agriculture - Special Session - Proposal Concerning Paragraph 5 of Annex J to TN/AG/W/4/Rev.4 of 6 December 2008 on Provisions for Special and Differential Treatment Accorded to Least Developed[...]ries - Communication from Cuba
World Trade Organization TN/AG/GEN/31 2 June 2010 (103040) Committee on Agriculture Special Session Original: Spanish Proposal concerning paragraph 5 of ANNEX J TO TN/AG/W/4/Rev.4 of 6 December 2008 on PROVISIONS FOR special and differential treatment ACCORDED TO least developed countries and net food-importing developing countries Communication from Cuba The following communication dated, 1 June 2010, is circulated at the request of the delegation of Cuba in the context of the negotiations on modalities for agriculture. _______________ Introduction The Marrakesh Declaration and the Decision on Measures Concerning the Possible Negative Effects of the Reform Programme on Least Developed and Net Food-Importing Developing Countries recognize the difficulties these Members face in terms of the availability of adequate supplies of basic foodstuffs from external sources on reasonable terms and conditions. The food, energy, financial and economic cri