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Working Party on GATS Rules - Communication from the United States - GATS Article XV (Subsidies): Questions for Members by the United States
作者:United States
World Trade Organization S/WPGR/W/59 28 May 2010 (10-2969) Working Party on GATS Rules Original: English Communication from the UNITED STATES GATS Article XV (Subsidies): Questions for Members by the United States The following communication, dated 27 May 2010, from the delegation of the United States is being circulated to the Members of the Working Party on GATS Rules. _______________ The United States has expressed the view in prior meetings that, in order to facilitate an informed discussion of services subsidies under GATS Article XV, Members need a better understanding of the kinds of practical problems proponents of new disciplines are facing, as well as the impact of those problems on international trade. Although a focus on practical commercial concerns should be the hallmark of discussions of proposed WTO disciplines, the United States has, to date, found little private sector interest in this topic, from either U.S. or foreign ser