Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions - Consultations With Ecuador - Communication from the European Union
作者:European Union
World Trade Organization WT/BOP/W/33 18 May 2010 (10-2758) Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions Original: English consultations with ecuador Communication from the European Union The following communication, dated 12 May 2010, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of the European Union. _______________ Questions from the European Union to Ecuador (12 May 2010) The EU welcomes the continued transparency that Ecuador's delegation is demonstrating vis-à-vis the BoP Committee. With a view to contributing to a fruitful exchange of views in the next meeting of the Committee on 26 May 2010, the EU would like to take up on Ecuador's offer for sharing information with the Committee, and put forward the questions listed below on which we would welcome clarifications by Ecuador. Could Ecuador provide information concerning the effects that recent developments in terms of oil prices, the economy's liquidity, international r