Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions - Statement by Ecuador - Geneva, 22 March 2010
World Trade Organization WT/BOP/G/19 29 March 2010 (10-1679) Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions Original: Spanish STATEMENT BY ECUADOR Geneva, 22 March 2010 By means of the notifications contained in documents WT/BOP/N/74 and WT/BOP/N/75 of 23 February 2010, received on 18 February 2010, Ecuador informed the members of the WTO Committee on BalanceofPayments Restrictions of Resolutions 533 and 549 of the Foreign Trade and Investment Council of Ecuador (COMEXI), published in Official Journals Nos. 109 and 128 of 15 January 2010 and 11 February 2010, respectively. A brief description of the Resolutions is given below, starting with Resolution 533. This Resolution chiefly concerns the decision taken by COMEXI to reduce by 10 per cent all tariff surcharges introduced as balanceofpayments measures by COMEXI Resolutions 466, 468, 487 and 524, as of 23 January 2010. Resolution 549 expands on Resolution 533 in that it establishes a timet