Agreement on Government Procurement - Done at Marrakesh on 15 April 1994 - Certification of Modifications to the Agreement - Transmission of Certified True Copies of Replacement Pages in the Loose-Leaf Syst[...]ied Modifications - Singapore
Reference: WLI/100 10 November 2009 AGREEMENT ON GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT DONE AT MARRAKESH ON 15 APRIL 1994 CERTIFICATION OF MODIFICATIONS TO THE AGREEMENT TRANSMISSION OF CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES OF REPLACEMENT PAGES IN THE LOOSE-LEAF SYSTEM FOR APPENDICES CONTAINING THE CERTIFIED MODIFICATIONS I have the honour to furnish herewith certified true copies of replacement pages to Annex 1 (page 1/3) and Annex 3 (page 1/1) to Appendix I containing the certified modifications. The modifications concern Singapore and are effective as of 2 November 2009. Pascal Lamy Director-General 09-5591 WT/Let/661 agreement on government procurement done at marrakesh on 15 april 1994 certification of modifications It is hereby certified that the modifications to Annexes 1 and 3 to Appendix I of the Agreement on Government Procurement (1994) co