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General Council - 17 November 2009 - Implementation of the Development Assistance Aspects of the Cotton-Related Decisions in the July Package - Third Periodic Report by the Director-General
World Trade Organization WT/GC/120 WT/CFMC/DG/3 9 November 2009 (09-5588) General Council 17 November 2009 IMPLEMENTATION OF THE DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE ASPECTS OF THE COTTON-RELATED DECISIONS IN THE JULY PACKAGE Third Periodic Report by the Director-General TABLE OF CONTENTS I. OVERVIEW AND ASSESSMENT 2 II. BACKGROUND 3 III. COTTON SECTOR DEVELOPMENTS 3 A. A Combination of Recent Crises 3 B. Cotton Production 4 C. Yields 6 D. Cotton Mill Use 6 E. Cotton Price 7 F. Cotton Trade 8 G. Direction of African Cotton Trade 9 H. Cotton and Food Security 10 IV. COTTON DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE 10 A. The Evolving Table 10 V. SOUTH-SOUTH COOPERATION FOR COTTON SECTOR DEVELOPMENT 13 VI. DOMESTIC COTTON SECTOR REFORMS 14 VII. CONCLUSION 14 I. overview and assessment This is the Third Periodic Report to Ministers on steps taken to implement the Doha mandate on cotton, with focus on the development assistance aspects. This report is