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Annual Report of the Committee on Specific Commitments to the Council for Trade in Services (2009)
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization S/CSC/15 2 October 2009 (09-4716) ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON SPECIFIC COMMITMENTS TO THE COUNCIL FOR TRADE IN SERVICES (2009) Since its Annual Report of 2008 to the Council for Trade in Services, the Committee on Specific Commitments held three formal meetings: on 3 December 2008, 2 April 2009, and 24 June 2009. During the reporting period, the Committee addressed three items: the relationship between old and new commitments; scheduling issues; and classification issues. The reports of these meeting are contained in documents S/CSC/M/47, S/CSC/M/48, and S/CSC/M/49, which should be read in conjunction with this report. i. Relationship between old and new commitments The Committee held substantive discussions on the relationship between existing commitments currently in force and new commitments that would result from the current negotiations. Issues addressed under this item included: the incorporation methods and the