Committee on Balance of Payments Restrictions - Consultations with Ecuador - Basic Document Supplied by Ecuador - Overview of the Situation and Outlook for the Balance of Payments Taking into Account Intern[...]ffect the Situation - Revision
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization WT/BOP/G/15/Rev.1 25 May 2009 (092517) Committee on BalanceofPayments Restrictions Original: Spanish CONSULTATIONS WITH ECUADOR Basic Document Supplied by Ecuador OVERVIEW OF THE SITUATION AND OUTLOOK FOR THE BALANCEOFPAYMENTS TAKING INTO ACCOUNT INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FACTORS THAT AFFECT THE SITUATION Revision INTRODUCtion This document provides the technical background for the balanceofpayments safeguard measure adopted by Ecuador in January 2009 in order to protect the liquidity of its economy and prevent a sharp decline in economic growth against a scenario of serious external imbalances caused by the international financial crisis. This document is set out as follows: the first section describes the economic reasons that led Ecuador to apply a balanceofpayments safeguard measure. It includes an analysis of Ecuador's balanceofpayments problems against the background of the global crisis, evaluating the latt