Committee on Market Access - Situation of Schedules of WTO Members - Note by the Secretariat - Revision
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization G/MA/W/23/Rev.6 19 March 2009 (09-1371) Committee on Market Access SITUATION OF SCHEDULES OF WTO MEMBERS Note by the Secretariat Revision It was agreed at the Market Access Committee meeting of 22 June 1999 that Annex II of document G/MA/63, setting out the situation of schedules of WTO Members, would be updated periodically. In this connection, please find attached an update of the status of Members' schedules incorporating information up to 17 March 2009. The introductory text contained in Annex II of the original document G/MA/63 has been updated to take into account developments since the last revision. ________________ Introduction All WTO Members have a schedule of tariff concessions which is either annexed to the Marrakesh Protocol to the GATT 1994 or to a Protocol of Accession. Some Members have also schedules pre-dating the Uruguay Round which reflect concessions granted previously. The attached tab