Committee on Agriculture - Special Session - G-33 Proposal on the Treatment of SSM Provided to the SVES
作者:The G-33
World Trade Organization TN/AG/GEN/29 10 February 2009 (09-643) Committee on Agriculture Special Session Original: English G-33 PROPOSAL ON the Treatment of SSM provided to the SVEs The following communication, dated 6 February 2009, is being circulated at the request of the G-33. _______________ No. 213/WTO/II/09 Geneva, 6 February 2009 Dear Ambassador Falconer, Let me begin by reiterating that the G-33 acknowledges and appreciates your persistent efforts in steering the process of Agriculture negotiations which, as it should be, continues to be driven by substance. We reassure you that the G-33, as in the past, will remain constructive and cooperate with you in finding a balanced and fair solution to the outstanding issues in the modalities. This communication from the G-33 seeks to respond to the question raised by you in paragraph 5(b) of the document TN/AG/W/7 regarding the status of the SVEs and whether a general solution fo