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Report (2008) of the Committee on Regional Trade Agreements to the General Council
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization WT/REG/19 28 November 2008 (08-5861) Committee on Regional Trade Agreements REPORT (2008) OF THE COMMITTEE ON REGIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS TO THE GENERAL COUNCIL Chairman: Mr. Detlev Brauns (Germany) INTRODUCTION At its first meeting in April 2008, the Committee on Regional Trade Agreements (CRTA) elected Mr. Detlev Brauns (Germany) as Chairman of the CRTA. During 2008, the Committee held three sessions (in April, September and November). The minutes of those meetings are listed in Attachment 1. Three sessions are foreseen in 2009. II. Observer Status The Committee agreed to continue the granting of observer status in the CRTA to the Latin American Integration Association (LAIA), on an ad hoc basis. No decision was taken with respect to the requests for observer status listed in document WT/REG/W/11/Add.3, pending the definition of guidelines by the General Council. III. considerATION OF REGIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS As of 1