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Trade Policy Review Body - 24 and 26 November 2008 - Trade Policy Review Mechanism - Dominican Republic - Communication from the Discussant
作者:Tthe Discussant
World Trade Organization WT/TPR/D/182 10 November 2008 (08-5432) Trade Policy Review Body Original: English TRADE POLICY REVIEW MECHANISM DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Communication from the Discussant In pursuance of Annex 3, paragraph C (iv) of the WTO Agreement, the following are the main points to be raised by the discussant, Mr. Yi-fu LIN (Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu), at the Trade Policy Review of the Dominican Republic on 24 and 26 November 2008. It is recalled that the discussant acts in his personal capacity. He intends to divide his remarks largely along the following lines: - Macroeconomic environment; - Trade policy regime; - Sectoral policies. __________ WT/TPR/D/20 Page 1