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Committee on Trade and Environment - Special Session - Communication from Cuba - Paragraph 31(iii)
World Trade Organization TN/TE/W/73 9 July 2008 (08-3299) Committee on Trade and Environment Special Session Original: Spanish COMMUNICAtIoN from CUBA Paragraph 31(iii) The following communication, dated 8 July 2008, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of Cuba. _______________ INTRODUCTIoN This proposal is a contribution to the work of the Committee on Trade and Environment in Special Session, pursuant to the mandate under paragraph 31(iii) of the Doha Declaration. A number of proposals have been tabled in this regard, but no decision has yet been taken on the course to follow to achieve results in keeping with that specific mandate, which must be viewed within the broader context of enhancing mutual supportiveness of trade and environment by establishing a framework of commitments affording both environmental and trade benefits to the Membership as a whole, while taking into account the development and sustainable developmen