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Trade Policy Review Body - Trade Policy Review Mechanism - United States - Communication from the Discussant
作者:The discussant
World Trade Organization WT/TPR/D/175 26 May 2008 (08-2393) Trade Policy Review Body Original: English TRADE POLICY REVIEW MECHANISM united states Communication from the Discussant In pursuance of Annex 3, paragraph C (iv) of the WTO Agreement, the following are the main points to be raised by the discussant, H.E. Mrs. Claudia Uribe (Colombia), at the Trade Policy Review of the United States on 9 and 11 June 2008. It is recalled that the discussant acts in her personal capacity. She intends to divide her remarks largely along the following lines: - Macroeconomic environment; - Trade policy regime; - Sectoral policies. __________ WT/TPR/D/20 Page 1