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Committee on Trade and Environment - Special Session - Annotated Agenda for the Informal Ctess Meeting of 5 - 6 May 2008 - Note by the Chairman
作者:The Chairman
JOB(08)/35 30 April 2008 Committee on Trade and Environment Special Session ANNOTATED AGENDA FOR THE INFORMAL CTESS MEETING OF 56 MAY 2008 Note by the Chairman As indicated in the fax sent to delegations on 24 April, the Informal Open-ended CTESS Meeting will start at 3.00 p.m. on Monday, 5 May. The meeting will be held in Room CRII. Paragraph 31(iii) The first item on the agenda will be Paragraph 31(iii). In my fax dated 9 April, I suggested that work under Paragraph 31(iii) should proceed on parallel tracks covering both the issues of Modalities and Coverage. The discussion at the meeting will be structured accordingly. With respect to the issue of Modalities, I have invited delegations to come prepared to discuss all ideas currently on the table on how to identify environmental goods for the purpose of reducing or eliminating tariff and nontariff barriers, including ideas on whether environmental goods might be covered multilatera