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Trade in Services - Tonga - Final List of Article II (MFN) Exemptions
World Trade Organization GATS/EL/143 28 January 2008 (08-0387) Trade in Services TONGA Final List of Article II (MFN) Exemptions (This is authentic in English only) _______________ TONGA - FINAL LIST OF ARTICLE II (MFN) EXEMPTIONS Sector or sub-sector Description of measure indicating its inconsistency with Article II Countries to which the measure applies Intended duration Conditions creating the need for the exemption Audiovisual services - Production and distribution of television programmes and cinematographic works Measures based upon co-production agreements of audiovisual works, which confer National Treatment to audiovisual works covered by such agreements. Countries with which such bilateral or plurilateral agreements are in force, now or in the future Indefinite The aim of these agreements is to promote cultural links between the countries concerned Audiovisual Services - Production and distribution of televis