Committee on Agricuture - Special Session - G-33 Proposal on Special Products
作者:The G-33
World Trade Organization TN/AG/GEN/27 17 December 2007 (07-5628) Committee on Agriculture Special Session Original: English G-33 PROPOSAL ON SPECIAL PRODUCTS The following communication, dated 14 December 2007, is being circulated at the request of the G-33. _______________ DESIGNATION OF SPECIAL PRODUCTS Mandate: Special Products (SPs) shall be self-designated guided by indicators based on the criteria of food security, livelihood security and rural development needs of individual developing country Members. Approach for the Self-Designation: Developing country Members shall have the flexibility to self-designate a guaranteed minimum number [x] % of total tariff lines as SPs, which shall be higher than the number of Sensitive Products for developing country Members. In addition, developing country Members shall have the flexibility to self-designate an additional number [y] % of SPs provided that these are guided by indicators. Based o