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Dispute Settlement Body - Special Session - Diagnosis of the Problems Affecting the Dispute Settlement Mechanism - Some Ideas by Mexico
World Trade Organization TN/DS/W/90 16 July 2007 (07-2996) Dispute Settlement Body Special Session Original: English DIAGNOSIS OF THE PROBLEMS AFFECTING THE DISPUTE SETTLEMENT MECHANISM Some Ideas by Mexico The following communication is circulated at the request of the delegation of Mexico. This document was originally circulated as JOB(03)/208 on 10 November 2003. _______________ INTRODUCTION The DSU review so far The process to amend the DSU started in 1998 and has gone through a number of phases without yielding concrete results. The latest attempt stems from the mandate at Doha, which stated that "the negotiations should be based on the work done thus far as well as any additional proposals by Members, and aim to agree on improvements and clarifications not later than May 2003". More than 40 new proposals were submitted and again, we have failed to meet our goal. In spite of the fact that the Chairman has submitted his own text,